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welcome letter


Dear students,

Welcome to MMTTA!

It is my great honor to meet you here.

Table tennis is a competitive sport. As a professional table tennis athlete, I would like to convey this competitive sports spirit to you. Sports are borderless. No matter where you are from or what your nationalities are !The charm of the Olympic spirit will be spread to every corner in the world.

Learning table tennis can be boring or difficult.. However, every drop of sweat and tear you leave here will be the cornerstone of your future success. The experience you gain from the accumulation of everyday training will benefit your entire life. MMTTA is a very professional coaching team. Every coach has a lot of teaching experience for many years. They will teach you what the spirits of table tennis are. Micro Motion table tennis is a teaching philosophy based on the combination of physical education and teaching. We will teach students how to persevere in the process of training and never give up. We will bring you the most advanced training programs from China. We can provide you the opportunity to learn from the world champions and have conversations with them through our summer & winter camp. Education is more important than just teaching lessons! Whatever you get in MMTTA will help you to form good habits which may determine your fate. It will help you to become an excellent person who can contribute to the country and society even if you didn't become a world champion. We will pass on the soft love to you. Wherever you are you will be a person full of love in your heart. Details make a difference. This is also why we named our academy micro-motion table tennis. We will pay attention to every detail and do our best. We hope you feel like at home while pursuing your dreams here. In the future, MMTTA will positively take part in and organize a lot of public charity activities, and we also look forward to your participation. We believe we can create the charm and value of table tennis and encourage more people to join us.

Dear students, take action immediately!

Don't be nervous.

Don’t be afraid.

MMTTA will support you forever !


MMTTA Coach & Player


欢迎你来到MMTTA !



MMTTA是非常专业的教学团队。每一位教练都具有丰富的教学经验。他们将教会你们什么是乒乓精神。微动乒乓是以体教结合为基础,奋勇拼搏为发展的教学理念。让所有的学生在学习乒乓球的过程中坚持不懈,永不放弃。我们会把中国最先进的训练计划带给你们。让你们有机会和世界冠军教练学习。先育人,再教学。 你们在这里的一点一滴都将养成良好的习惯。良好的习惯会决定你的命运。即使你没有成为世界冠军。也会成为对国家和社会有贡献的人。我们会把微不足道的小爱传递给你们。无论你在哪里,你将会是一个心中充满博爱的人。细节决定成败。这也是我们取名微动乒乓的用意。我们会关注每一个细节并做到最好。让你们在这里追求梦想的同时感受到家的温暖。在未来,微动会积极参与与举办很多的公益活动,期待有你们的参与,让乒乓球的魅力鼓舞更多的人。






MMTTA 教练 吕柏良

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